Sunday, October 18, 2015

"We the People of INDIA"

My Sarkaar
Why "we the People" are not part of "pillars of Democracy"

We had been used by many groups claiming to represent us but ultimately doing our most damage.

POLITICIANS -         Education , Employment ,Economic inflation ,&  Ensurity of life  are the basic requirement for us but they conveniently ignore and let  us shift our focus to non issues .

Intellectuals -
They are the people who never lived life of common Indians (never understood their source of earning becouse their writing are never sold on volumes). They jump into every debates of media attention, generally takes stand against general masses ( to show their wisdom),they have a great impact in system, their voices are heard by most influentials in system but they also ignore our basic .

Which declared itself as 4th pillar of domocracy also ignore us by regularly debating and doing cycho- analytical test of statement of fringe elements  ( ultimately making them more popular ).

We are not what we wanted but what THEY wanted .......Kindly give us our basic need and we will manage everything else.


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