Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Dear ARMY ,

On the occassion of 26 January,I would like to thank you once again for all your sacrifices for "all civilians". We can't understand how it feels
when you miss families back home.

When talking to your daughters on phone is reason for cheer

When u miss first walk of your child

When u miss to be with family in festival's
When u miss your wife birthday

When u miss your mother's food

When u miss your sons award

When u miss oppurtunity to have a bigger home

When u see civilians patriotism on social media only

When u see people are debating intolerance rather than sacrifices of soldiers

When u see people cry for human rights of terrorists than soldier who lost their life

When people r getting drunked in pub and busy explaining defence policies

When LOST life of soldiers are never an issue to be worth debating but people can debates for months on terrorist hanging

When people are ready to take arms for religion but for country they  always look other side.

I must salute INDIAN ARMY for all these countless sacrifices for us and really proud of every single part of ARMY .

ARMY is the only institution working in this country.



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