Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Deepawali spirit


Let us remember spirit of Deepawali.

Deepawali started with the Joy of country men when Shree Ram reached back to country with Seeta Maa ( Goddess of Agriculture & prosperity)..people become joyfull by idea of Ramrajya ( Kingdom of prosperity ) where all have equal rights, justice was a routine practice ,no gap between Have's and Have's not , all have equal say  in system.
Every single citizens opinion matters for Ruler ,Gap of Ruler & Ruled diminished .
Now people have Ideal King who always sacrificed his personal opinion & views for sake of country ,that's why he is always remembered as raghupati raghav RAJA RAM.

He was a best student of his guru.
He sacrificed his due Kingdom for words of his step mother.
He fought for "sugreev" against powerfull Bali for justice

He started giving equal rights to underprivileged whe he eaten food from Sabri Hand(very big step that time)

He fought with Most powerful Ravan at that time for Honour of women.

He need to sacrificed his love Sita ji for  fulfilling his duty as King over his personal love as individual but as a king ,one need to look for society perception & intrest first.(it was also his duty as avatar to feel the same pain of saperation as Ravans wife)

He never married another women (at that time it was common practice) and  chosen Golden memory of Sita ji over any other women .

He ruled his kingdom with High standard of values and Founded Akhand Bharat.

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