Sunday, September 10, 2017


Why I don't trust police story as of now on PRADUMAN Murder case .

1 As classroom was very near ,how come nobody heard any "scream"

2 As per Conductor confession ,"He murdered child becouse child had seen him doing some 'galat kaaam". Alone or with any other female (not specified) .

3 As per Conductor he bring Knife for cleaning purpose of toiled but who clean toilet with knife?

4 If he was so scared of loosing job then why he done a biggest crime like Murder where in his chances of loosing job and jail r much more ?

5 He never tried to flee away and was always there in scene

6 When he confessed ,there is no sign of Regret ,which is surprising for non criminals person.

7 For saving JOB , nobody can choose jail

As per my perception there is clear chances that HE might b doing "galat kaam" with some female staff and Murdered child to save "her"not himself and later on accepted whole crime..

This Angle need to be investigated by agencies.

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