Saturday, September 30, 2017



- He sacrificed his due  kingdom just for his step mothers wish

-He accepted moving for Vanvaas for 14 yrs without any fault just to Honour his father's words

- He assured everything he can do to make his wife happy even he went to catch GOLDEN DEER just to fullfill his wife SITA wish

- He given all chances to RAVANA for surrender before finally killing him 

- After his return when "one common man" raised ques. on integrity of Sita ji  he could have easily silenced him but he behaved as king not only as husband

- When SITA ji got to know of this concern she behaved as brave queen not as victim women and decided to shut concern of common public by AGNIPARIKSHA

- As an honoured QUEEN she decided to PASHCHATAP  becouse she realised that due to  her minor mistakes (Golden deer ,Crossing Lakshman Rekha) so many life lost in battle .

-   She requested RAM JI to allow her for PASHCHATAP and leave for VANVAAS  and RAM ji accepted her brave decision respecting her HONOUR .

- He assured of her safe leaving in his Gurukul as responsible husband.

- He never ever married to another women and always loved his wife Sita ji only as a committed person

- Without worrying his personal life sacrifices ,he worked for his PRAJA (state population) intrest and makes Bharat as SONE KI CHIDIYA.

He was the person who never given preference to his personal thinking & life but done everything for  SAMAJ (Society) and compromised all his personal happiness on process ,hence achieved  very very high standard to be a IDEAL RULER .

Jai Shree RAAM

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